About Our Farm

Square Root Farm is a small family farm on the Saanich Peninsula run by partners Chrystal and Ilya along with our hard-working seasonal farm-hands. We are proud that our farm is certified-organic with IOPA (Islands Organic Producers Association). This means that we are committed to protecting and enhancing biodiversity on our farm and to growing high quality vegetables without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

We grow on about 2 acres of rich, wet clay soil that we enrich with compost and thick cover-crops of rye, pea, vetch and clover.

We grow too many vegetable to list here and we try hard to have a diversity of crops at all times of the year. We only grow varieties that we think have the best flavour; each year we scour catalogs from numerous independent organic seed producers as well as bigger seed suppliers for our favourite carrot, kale and squash seeds. It’s important to us that our vegetables taste as fresh and delicious as possible so we are very choosy with our crops.

We specialize in chicories: endives, escaroles, dandelion, radicchio, and puntarelle. We grow these because we love them. Please give them a try. It can take a bit of practice for some people to learn to appreciate the bitter flavor but it’s worth it. It’s a whole other layer of incredible flavour that most people have been missing out on. I can’t imagine meals without chicory!


local organic chicory from square root farm victoria

Super frisee endive.


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